Be sure and tell ’em Large March sent ya

It was on this very day, seven years ago, in a deep fog just like this, that we had the first abstract we ever seen.

Well, okay, it was the first of the month-end abstracts, even though I didn’t know it at the time, and quite frankly, it puts a lot of those following to shame, and today will be no exception. So what do we have as March’s golden parachute?

long exposure of river oversaturated
Ehhhhh, it’s… showing the effort, anyway. Actually it’s a grab shot during the Eno River outing, slowing the shutter speed down to soften the water, but I was working without a tripod, allowing the image stabilization to keep it sharp, which was definitely pushing the function a little too far. And then of course I boosted the saturation just for drama. Plus I could do without that little branch on the right, which I missed at the time – cropping it out would take away the frame’s balance, though why (if I was already shamelessly GIMPing it all up) I didn’t just remove it in post, we’ll never comprehend.

How about another attempt? [Your avowals that this is totally unnecessary fall on deaf ears.]

twisty misshapen roots looking creepy
One of these days, I’ll determine what kind of tree this is, because I’ve seen it many times before, always on the banks of a river or stream. The roots are often exposed, though this may occur from erosion long after the tree is established, and always quite Cthulhu. I can’t believe that spellcheck actually has that in there…

Anyway, I knew this one was in the running for the month end, because of course it was – there are multiple faces you can wring out of it if you try, and probably even more if you’re partaking of various recreational pharmaceuticals. If you are, I’d suggest playing the sound file here while you’re at it. And upload the reaction video.

Aw, what the hell – we’ll revisit the first in only the Blue channel.

same river ripples in only Blue channel
That’s a bit more abstract, isn’t it? Or am I reaching?