Visibly different, part 16

brown pelican Pelecanus occidentalis silhouetted in sky near sun
This one I can remember fairly well, despite having no context or surroundings. This was in Florida, Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge to be exact, taken while my brother was visiting. It was a grab shot as I spotted the brown pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis) cruising overhead, and including the sun was intentional. This was with the Sony F717 loaner camera in late afternoon on a slightly hazy day, so there wasn’t a lot of color to work with.

But it’s pretty similar to the next, taken 15 (and not quite a half) years later.

brown pelican Pelecanus occidentalis banking with wingtips against sun
Seriously, not a lot different between them, though the latter is definitely superior. This does not come from greater experience, more planning, or anything of that crafty nature, though it might have benefited from using Full Sun white balance instead of Auto like the previous, retaining the color register of the early morning sun. Nor was this a planned revisit of the earlier image. I was simply tracking the pelican in the hopes of a close approach when it banked near the sun. The Canon 30D definitely did not have the shutter lag of the F717, and chances are I was anticipating this more, but other than that it was all chance differences. More than anything, this is just showing the unintentional similarity of two images shot years apart.