None. None more cyan

I was thinking I’d used a variation of this title before, but not according to my title list. It was probably one of the images…

Regardless, a little break before we get back to more birds.

damselfly likely skimming bluet Enallagma geminatum on leaf
This is one of those sorting finds that I just thought you needed to see the details of, a tiny damselfly from the yard. It’s likely a skimming bluet (Enallagma geminatum,) though I imagine it believes it’s better than that – you know how damselflies get. And while I’m here, do you think the name is pronounced, “Bloo-ett,” or simply, “Bloot?” Or it is French, and pronounced, “Brechck-FAH,” or something?

Never mind that now; let’s go in for a closer look.

damselfly likely skimming bluet Enallagma geminatum in detail
That’s some pretty intense blue right there, or cyan, or aqua, or whatever you want to call it. Here I am trying to do serious nature photography and this guy comes along looking like some hippy’s wall poster. Is this supposed to strike fear into the heart of mosquitoes, or just fascinate their toddlers? You’re trying to imagine mosquito toddlers in a little flying stroller right now, aren’t you?

I have nowhere I’m going with this.