Because I’m petty

damselfly, probably American rubyspot Hetaerina americana, on reed with dew
I’m doing this because Mr Bugg was crowing that he’d be having fun while I have to go into work this afternoon, and I pointed out how far behind he was with his posting. Naturally, I have to put these up from this morning’s session before he gets to it.

The location is the head of the Neuse River, an old haunt that I still get back to infrequently. It was a little slow today, but we managed to find a handful of things to photograph, like a horde of damselflies all over the place, which I believe are American rubyspots (Hetaerina americana.) The above photo is cropped a little from full frame, which took away some detail, so I’m adding the one below – it’s the same shot, just a little below full resolution. I had to show off.

damselfly probably American rubyspot Hetaerina americana, inset
I can certainly live with those results, shot freehand in ambient early morning light.

But one more, just for giggles.

a lot of damselflies, probably American rubyspots Hetaerina americana, on reeds
Nope, not ‘shopped, just happened to catch a bunch together – when they’re begging for attention like this, well, you do what you have to do.