Will do for now

I think this will be the tail-end of the beach trip pics, as well as the last for the year – never really got a ‘proper’ trip in, with one thing or another, but at least my brother finally got down here to see the Outer Banks for himself, as brief as it was. We grew up with Jersey beaches, which are in an entirely different universe (a more crowded and read more


On the recent trip to the Outer Banks, we didn’t have a lot of time and the weather was still a bit chilly from the cold snap only a day before, thus I didn’t get a lot of photos. However, there was one sequence on the beach (somewhere near Salvo) that deserves some attention, especially since the lens stayed locked on in focus throughout most of it despite the hectic nature. We were read more

Just takes the right motivation

I knew this holiday was coming up and was wondering if I’d be able to celebrate it effectively, but I should never have doubted myself I’m up for such challenges. So since today is Spot a South American Rodent Outside of a Zoo Day, there weren’t a lot of choices on how to tackle this, but one in particular stuck out, and I managed to finish the read more

Not this time

[As a pointless side note, I checked my original title of, “Not yet,” to see if I’d used it before, and I had, so then I had to check this one and it was safe. In the process, I’d found that I had 46 post titles starting with, “Not,” which strikes me as notably negative but then again typical. Still, that’s not (heh!) even 2%, so not a problem. Yet.]

A quick read more

Sneaking in here and there

I just got back from a brief beach trip and have a few things to feature, but may not have a lot of time in the next week (while I get even more photos, perhaps,) so posts will come along as I find time. For now, we have what is likely a laughing gull (Leucophaeus atricilla) in winter plumage. The problem is, this particular species not only has different plumage between read more

Visibly different, part 2

For our next entry in this topic, we have an image shot on negative film at an unknown date and location, that can at least be narrowed down to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, somewhere between 1994 and 1997, which would also make it shot most likely on an Olympus OM-10 – beyond that, I have no recollection nor notes. Obviously, I’d selected an abandoned stretch of read more

Per the ancient lore, part 42

And so, we reach the last Ancient Lore post of the year, and coincidentally we’ve finished our third pass through the folders, ending here with Sunrise/Sunset. “But wait, Al,” you say sharply, “you’ve been doing this weekly shouldn’t this be number 52? Or somewhere in that read more

Okay, more than a few

For the Sunday slide entry two weeks ago, I mentioned that I might be back “in a few days” to elaborate on another aspect of the shot. I figure I might as well bring it up now before the original gets pushed below the ten post limit I set for the main page.

The image had originally appeared to illustrate a “middle of nowhere” post some years back, which I think it does nicely. read more

Sunday slide 5

Last summer, I talked about a trip I took to the Outer Banks, and how I hadn’t been there in a while. It appears it was even longer than I thought, because this slide is from the last time I was there, I believe, and dates from 2007! That’s just not right. I’m going to ensure that I don’t wait anywhere near that long between trips, ever again…

Anyway, this ring-billed read more

Beach trip followup

This is worse than those weekly cliffhanger serials that used to be popular, both because it’s taking longer than a week for me to get to the next installment, and because it’s nowhere near as interesting…

The morning after the storm photos at the lighthouse, I was up early to catch the sunrise, but was delayed a bit because I had to change out the leaking tire. Since the Earth read more

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