Just one, if you only count today

Great egret Ardea alba and reflection
I’m sure you were wondering if I got the chance to observe World Migratory Bird Day, and here is my answer: just one, really, but that’s because half of the day was spent on the road, starting pretty early in the morning, and the other half dealing with the typical post-vacation schtuff. The Girlfriend and I just got back from a week in South Carolina, checking out a new location for us, and there will be posts aplenty about the trip, soon. But I have a few other things that will appear ahead of them, because if I don’t do them in order, I probably won’t get back to them.

So today’s capture is a great egret (Ardea alba,) who posed nicely as I returned from shooting sunrise on the beach, and represents one of the three or four migratory birds that I had the opportunity to do something with during the day, the others being sanderlings and least terns out on the oceanfront; none of them were as photogenic as the egret here. However, the entire trip could be considered in celebration of migratory birds, including one species that I have yet to identify, which is more than a little frustrating at the moment. Bear with me, because they’ll all be coming along in due time.

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