Profiles of Nature 25

It’s Pride Month, isn’t it? Okay, then.

This week we have Haafiza and Waldwick, Haafiza showing some suspicion of why Waldwick was out so late. Their’s is one of those celebrity romances that usually last about a year and a half. They met 17 months ago on the set of Second Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the upcoming film about a hobbit that seeks to culturize a collection read more

The days of yore, part three

Some time back, after posting a bunch of especially creepy pics, I added the above image and mentioned that I should do a post about it. As you can see, I’m right on top of that, having taken only nine weeks to get to it.

It is, like all images to be seen in this post, a zoo pic, the dreaded ‘captive’ subjects that seem so dire to people at times – real nature photographers read more