Tag me with a spoon

It’s that time all my readers have been waiting for (if I had any, though if I did, they wouldn’t): the annual tag roundup! Yes, again – we’ll keep doing this until I run out of good puns for the title. Go on – I fed you that one.

In the Walkabout Universe, tags are not just categories of topics or commonality, they’re also brief sardonic commentary on read more

Report from the field, part four

Wow, it’s been seven years since the last, but this time it’s from a different journalist, the blog’s official Seems-Foreign-But-It-Technically-Isn’t-Correspondent Katrina Palmer, who is sending me images smugly from Hawai’i, because that’s what one does from Hawai’i. And of course, we could do with a break from the usual fare.

I am receiving these without read more