Living in the past IX

I was going to say we’re now less than a decade in the past, since I first posted this in March of 2013, but then I checked the image details and it was taken in October 2012, so it’s still a bit over a decade old. I know you needed to know.

But what looks like a Photoshop trick, isn’t – this is as shot, and not even a multiple exposure, simply a fruit fly (genus Drosophila) read more

On this date 45

Back in 2012, there were just two subjects that I shot on this date, but I shot a lot of frames of them, reason being, I was after the tiny details. One was the molted exoskeleton of some kind of grasshopper, and the other was this: a species of fruit fly (genus Drosophila) with curiously dark eyes. Typically they’re red or red-gold, but read more

Just because, part nine

Nature photography is still a bit slow yet and the weather’s been going back and forth, so I’m just tossing out this curiosity from last year.

Seen here is a vain fruit fly, Drosophila genus, on the bathroom mirror. I’ve definitely done sharper, better shots, but this one has a distinctive property. You’ll notice that there is one view from the back, and three from read more