Living in the past XXI

For years while living at the old place, I’d struggled with attempting to get lightning photos. The immediate surroundings were too cloaked by trees, poles, and wires, and I rarely got any kind of decent warning so I could travel to a more open and photogenic location. The electrically active parts of storms are notably fickle, usually only producing lightning for a short read more

That’s a little better

Switched out the ‘clear’ diffuser for the white one on the new softbox, and the difference is noticeable – what we’re looking at here is the round light reflecting from the frog’s eye. Still not perfectly even, but probably the best I can hope for with this design (yes, I’ve actually considered a backwards-facing flash head into a parabola, read more

And take your year with you

So here we are at the end of the month, and somehow at the end of the year – at the exact same time too, who’da thought? I admit to shooting extremely little this month, and even less that could be considered ‘abstract’ that I did not, thoughtlessly, already feature. I did toy around with freezing soap bubbles again when the temperature dropped low enough, but was not achieving read more

Living in the past IX

I was going to say we’re now less than a decade in the past, since I first posted this in March of 2013, but then I checked the image details and it was taken in October 2012, so it’s still a bit over a decade old. I know you needed to know.

But what looks like a Photoshop trick, isn’t – this is as shot, and not even a multiple exposure, simply a fruit fly (genus Drosophila) read more

You’ve done enough, April

Why, look – it is the end of yet another month! Boy, they just don’t seem to last anymore, do they? Back in my day, months lasted a month and a half, especially during the school year. They weren’t made in China, either.

But this means it’s abstract time. You still have a chance to redeem yourself, April, if you pony up the goods right now.

That… almost read more

Just because, part 46

An outing to Jordan Lake yesterday was remarkably unproductive, but I managed a few frames of minor merit, and we have one here (demonstrating that my definition of “merit” isn’t influenced by Merriam, Wagnalls, Webster, or Funk – and no, that’s not where “funky” comes from, and you probably don’t want to know the actual etymology read more

On this date 59

Boy, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? But I noticed that I haven’t posted anything for December 1st in the past three years, and decided to rectify that. This was a good choice, because I’ve shot quite a few photos on December 1st, though mostly in two specific years, so I have plenty to work with.

We’ll start with 2008.

A read more

Found, um, kilobytage, or something

Funny, my spellcheck doesn’t like ‘kilobytage.’

Anyway, what we have here for this here post here, is a small collection of images that, during sorting, showed details that I was unaware of when shooting or unloading. It’s not found footage of course, because it’s not film, and we should be doing away with imperial units of measurement anyway, and how do you measure read more

On the negative, and positive, side

Doing a little recordkeeping last night, I found that I already have 190 posts for the year, not counting this one, while last year’s total number of posts was 233, a personal record (the dumbest kind of record.) That means, in order to beat this number, I’d have to post at least 44 more times, or eleven posts per month. Given that I’m still doing the Profiles read more

It’s another day

Well, specifically, it’s the end of the month, and the end of the year, but really, these are just arbitrary lines drawn in the sand. Still, they’re lines I’ve chosen to recognize with things like the end of the month abstract, and here’s the dealio: when I opted to alter my schedule slightly to have two ‘On This Date’ posts for this read more

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