[Vague, confused noises]

It was a few years back that I decided I wanted a gallery of latest images on the website, primarily stuff that wasn’t featured on the blog, but also just a demonstration, to those only visiting the image galleries, that I was routinely producing new content even while the galleries themselves weren’t being updated. Updates to the galleries tend to be spaced pretty far apart, because read more

What the deuce?

For psychological reasons that no one has fully fathomed yet (or maybe they have, and I just never looked it up,) we get some kind of satisfaction, even a little thrill, from meaningless numbers that nevertheless form a pattern. In that vein, I am letting you know that this is the 2,222nd post on the ol’ Walkabout blogoblob here. I just popped one of those little holiday crackers read more

Yeah, nah

Earlier this evening but on a previous day, I was doing a bit of blog maintenance and checked the post count so far this year: 166 (not counting this one of course.) That not only beats out last year’s count already, by four posts, but places this year fourth out of eleven years so far, with six weeks to go. Am I gonna set a new record? Not likely, because that’s held read more

The triumphant return of the RC-1

I’ve got way too many posts where I recognize that I haven’t been posting enough, so let’s just say “ditto” and move on.

Back in 1997, I think, I got my first “serious” camera, the Canon Elan IIe. It’s relative, of course – while the Elan IIe was never considered a professional grade camera, it was a huge step up from the read more