Why is this still here?

Starting to catch up on a few tasks here and there, and went into the image stock folders on the magic meme box (what some stodgy people call a ‘computer’) to see how much needed to be cleaned up in there. And realized that I still have a ‘Facebook’ folder with a handful of images in there.

You may have noticed the anti-social media widget over there on the sidebar, and if read more

Profiles of Nature 42

You’re a good sport, you know that? Still here reading these Profiles after all this time, with your hopes of improvement dashed and your trust at rock bottom. You deserve better. We’re not gonna let that obligate us, mind you, or even make us feel a little guilty – we’ve done our part in simply recognizing it. But go ahead and be optimistic all the same.

This read more

Report from the field, part two: The catchupening

I had actually planned to have a post regarding the summer solstice pop up Sunday, nothing elaborate, but at least containing current photos, but then life happened in the form of emergency surgery. No, not for me, but for The Girlfriend’s Sprog who, in a fit of impetuous infection, callously threw away her plans to retain her appendix throughout her life. She’s fine, but we have confirmed read more