First world problems

Many years ago I worked for an idiot landscaper, one that insisted the tiny little splash of color on his business cards had to be a precise shade of green – none other would do. Apparently he believed this made some difference, though somehow he never made the effort not to be an asshole; [...]

I didn’t expect much

But I’d hoped.

I recently picked up a tablet PC to use for photography students and presentations, and of course I needed a case of some kind for it. While shopping around, I discovered that Walmart could do a custom case with my own photo printed on it, for not a whole lot more [...]

Save a Prayer – The Thunder in Our Hearts remix

So, I was skimming through my music collection tonight, and realized that more people should know about this song. Thus, I’m using the awesome power of this blog to reach untold thousands of readers (before I have to head out to collect my Pulitzer of course…)

Yes, this is music from the eighties. Yes, [...]

Last year at this time…

… I had done a post on the flowers in the yard. Things be a little bit different this year.

The place where The Girlfriend works had decided to close at 1 pm today on account of the impending winter storm. The only problem was, the storm rolled in with authority a little after [...]

Everything’s shiny

Came across this, courtesy of artist Otis Frampton, and had to share. He has more, but this is clearly the best.

C Is For Canceled by OtisFrampton on deviantART

If you don’t get it, then you’re… how shall I say this politely? Your kind don’t belong around here.

Ah, who am I trying [...]

Just because, part 15

In abject denial of the actual readership of this blog, I must apologize for being away as long as I have. What with the Grammys, and the Superbowl, and Groundhog’s Day, and then all the celebrity activity, well, you know how it goes. The up side of all this is, of course, that I [...]

Photos without sight

The other day I began thinking about a subject that has been in the back of my mind for a long time: blindness. My eyes aren’t all that great, needing strong corrective lenses, and they’re gradually getting worse – one day, at some point in the future, the photography will halt, though this is [...]

Yeah, I, um…

So, recently a friend mentioned something about a polar vortex, and it was in the middle of an e-mail exchange that dealt significantly with hexagons. I really don’t pay too much attention to news, TV, or weather reports, and did not know at all that this term applied to the notorious weather we’re having [...]

Having my fun

And, I admit, showing off at the same time.

First off, I never expected to be away from the blog so long, but it’s been a surprisingly busy several days, coupled with a minor digestive ailment which tended to sap my creativity. “Okay,” you’re thinking, “but what does that have to do with your [...]

Odd memories, part 12

Spurred on by this post from The Bloggess, who is a delightfully warped person, I dredged up some memories of christmases past. Part of the reason I don’t put a lot of effort into holidays is not, as some clueless people seem to think, from being an atheist, but from growing up in my [...]