On the negative side 4

Right at the moment, most of the current images I have to feature are more insects, and even I believe there’s a limit, while there are few other topics that I feel motivated to tackle, so we’re going archive here. I keep thinking I’m going to attempt this technique again, but it’s been something […]


Oh, look – “Adobe Flash has yet another security issue and is automatically disabled to force you to update it. You know, for your protection.” Is anyone buying this bullshit?

HTML5. Or anything open source. Kill the monopolies.

And use the gif (pronounced “ghoti”) as you like, with my compliments. I made it last […]

Happy birthday Boogs!

Four years ago today, the Boogs were born. More or less, anyway. When they showed up at the house, it was Labor Day weekend and they were roughly eight weeks old, so we picked a date that was easy to remember.

The most notable thing about them is the color change they underwent, which […]

Just because, part 17

It’s been a long time since the last ‘Just because’ post, and I am truly ashamed. Or something. I am truly something…

This one has been kicking around in my blog images folder for a long time. It had been sized this way for a particular post, and I can’t even remember which one […]

Just an observation

We have a weird culture. The makers of edible, spray-on decorative food dyes in silver color are seeing a huge upsurge in sales right now, sure to come again around the end of October, for reasons that few could possibly have predicted. There’s nothing further I can add to this.

If you have no […]

Where’s Aldo?

I should probably let the cutesy titles slide on occasion, especially when I’m reaching…

I mentioned the posts being thin, and this reason for this was that I was traveling – I mean, not the reason for mentioning it, but the reason for the thin posts… let’s leave my poor sentence structure behind and […]


So, in previous posts I’ve made mention of several projects, and this is to announce that one of them, at least, has come to completion. If you think some of my topics don’t seem to fit with the nature of the website, this one’s going to be even worse.

I have just finished off […]

A surreal break

Actually, this is intended as more of a break for me than for you, necessarily, but feel free to take advantage of it if you need to. Posting has been slow because I’m working on a project that I’d aimed to finish today (I’m close,) and so I’ve been putting my attention elsewhere. I […]

No choice but to go green

Or, kinda chartreuse.

It is that season here in NC, when the wretched longneedle pines are shamelessly engaging in an arboristic orgy. Dissatisfied as they are with the rather gauche and needy technique of relying on pollinators like bees and butterflies, pines instead fling their emissions wantonly throughout the air, firmly believing in the […]


This is one from today that I just had to toss up here quickly. This is not a composite, or Photoshop job, or anything of the sort, but straight out of the camera. Almost, anyway – I did a slight color tweak; sue me. But I honestly wasn’t expecting results quite like this.

Here’s […]