Telegraph Road (live of course)

Dire Straits was a band that, it’s safe to say, forged their own way right from the start. I’ve seen numerous people attempt to define their style, with little agreement, and I’m not even going to try; they adopted whatever style suited their song and goals, at times introducing something inherently recognizable, while at [...]

Boy, that was sneaky

So, I made that previous post, checked it out in draft form, including (as always) all links and the embedded video. Everything worked fine. Published the post, went to the blog home page, and for some reason, the video wouldn’t load.

Played around a bit, checked the embed code, went back to the host [...]

More true than true

I am contrite over not posting much (and the complaints are pouring in,) but between several projects, bid sinuses, and no motivation to write, those last two largely being related, I just haven’t been able to get anything out. I have a few things in draft form, just not too close at the moment.


African Drums, by Luke Despain

When I was growing up, my dad had some record albums by a guy with the fabulous name of Babatunde Olatunji, who specialized in African drum music. This is almost a worthless statement; African is a big place, with over 50 countries and dog knows how many different cultures, so “African drum music” is [...]

First world problems

Many years ago I worked for an idiot landscaper, one that insisted the tiny little splash of color on his business cards had to be a precise shade of green – none other would do. Apparently he believed this made some difference, though somehow he never made the effort not to be an asshole; [...]

I didn’t expect much

But I’d hoped.

I recently picked up a tablet PC to use for photography students and presentations, and of course I needed a case of some kind for it. While shopping around, I discovered that Walmart could do a custom case with my own photo printed on it, for not a whole lot more [...]

Save a Prayer – The Thunder in Our Hearts remix

So, I was skimming through my music collection tonight, and realized that more people should know about this song. Thus, I’m using the awesome power of this blog to reach untold thousands of readers (before I have to head out to collect my Pulitzer of course…)

Yes, this is music from the eighties. Yes, [...]

Last year at this time…

… I had done a post on the flowers in the yard. Things be a little bit different this year.

The place where The Girlfriend works had decided to close at 1 pm today on account of the impending winter storm. The only problem was, the storm rolled in with authority a little after [...]

Everything’s shiny

Came across this, courtesy of artist Otis Frampton, and had to share. He has more, but this is clearly the best.

C Is For Canceled by OtisFrampton on deviantART

If you don’t get it, then you’re… how shall I say this politely? Your kind don’t belong around here.

Ah, who am I trying [...]

Just because, part 15

In abject denial of the actual readership of this blog, I must apologize for being away as long as I have. What with the Grammys, and the Superbowl, and Groundhog’s Day, and then all the celebrity activity, well, you know how it goes. The up side of all this is, of course, that I [...]