The Fish is back

I feel obligated to let my four readers know that the blog Weird Things has rebooted. Greg Fish took a hiatus because of time demands earlier this year, with no promises of a return. But he was kind enough to send me an e-mail last night announcing his encore, and I am happy to send people his way again. Technically, I never really stopped, because his link remained there in the blogroll, simply marked “Archive” since he had plenty of interesting posts available to work through, but now you can find new content as well.

Greg is one of those that likes to show up bloggers like me, because he made a point of having a post every damn day, missing this only through a period of illness. I’m nowhere’s near that kind of activity, but I feature more of my own illustrations (as in, nearly all of the pics you see here.) That makes up for it, right? Right?

Anyway, be sure to check it out. And, naturally, don’t miss the others in the blogroll to the right, who’ve been posting steadily while Greg took his six-month vacation ;-)