Keep the good

While anxious neurotics the world over are wailing desperately about where christmas actually comes from and how it’s gotten all secular, most others manage to get at least a little generosity and benevolence from the holiday, and use this time of year to favor those less fortunate than themselves. Whether or not this actually springs from religious roots (I have my doubts,) we can use this to positive effect anyway.

In 1984, Midge Ure and Bob Geldof organized a benefit effort to produce food and money to help alleviate, and raise awareness of, the vast amount of starvation in Africa, and convinced dozens of pop stars to participate. The result is the best christmas song ever performed – don’t try arguing with me ;-)

It doesn’t matter whether or not you celebrate christmas, or agree with any particular attitude that someone, myself included, might have. There’s always someone out there that needs help, and every one of us can provide this in some way. It shouldn’t be restricted to this time of year, or need to be limited to Africa either – anyplace is good to start.

It’s not to win points. It’s not to appease our conscience. It’s simply because we are all human, and that should be more valuable than electronic toys and overpriced fashions – just a matter of perspective. If this is the ‘right’ time of year to start thoughts of goodwill and selflessness, well, so be it.


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2 thoughts on “Keep the good”

  1. I agree, it is the best Christmas song ever recorded. Thank you for the video, it was interesting trying to peg who’s who. It did bring up a question though – why do *all* male 80’s singers look like they should be avoided on dark nights in unfriendly locales?

    1. I think you’re being way too hard on Tony Hadley…

      But c’mon, they didn’t get Dexy’s Midnight Runners, and I’m not sure anything tops Deee-Lite.

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