I guess I can cope

Taken just minutes ago. Yes, there are actually flowers in the yard on January 7th, and right now it’s pretty damn nice out there. Granted, these are teeny tiny little things that you can barely see when standing upright, and probably a more cold-weather variety than daffodils (I think I’ve said before, I don’t know my plants worth crap,) but still, it’s nice to see something besides brown grass and empty trees.

I’m not a cold weather kind of person, and this time of year I tend to get pretty grumpy, not helped at all by a lack of anything decent to pursue photographically. The winter storms are usually few and far between here in NC, and that style of photo subject lends itself better to more dramatic landscapes than farmland. Situated between the mountains and the beach might mean you’re convenient to both, but not able to reach either when the roads get treacherous. We have yet to see any snow here anyway, which I’m really not going to complain about myself – I just felt obligated to head off those that might want to champion winter photography. I’ll leave that genre to crazy people, and darkly mutter out the wait until spring myself.