All right, am I redeemed slightly?

I recall apologizing for posting so many little creepies, and promised to try and find something cute, but that never did come to pass, did it? I simply wasn’t ever running across anything cute – I think I’ve glimpsed a rabbit in the past few months, and when the bluebirds hatched, they bailed the nest and the yard in a matter of hours. Anyway, a trip to the park today may have produced something that qualifies.

Does this count?

If you’re asking, I have no real idea what species this is, since I’m pretty certain it’s a juvenile – the head does not look properly shaped for an adult. Not to mention the size. If you haven’t noticed, that’s my fingertip providing scale in the background. The best I can say is, this is a variety of either tree frog or chorus frog, what are known colloquially as “peepers” from the quality of their nighttime calls. I couldn’t even achieve an angle that would let me see if the tadpole tail was still in evidence.

I was lucky (excuse me, exceptionally skilled!) to find this, since I’d leaned in close to this plant to photograph yet another creepy, a variety of leaf-footed bug, and noticed a strange bud on the young leaves. As the sun was progressing and starting to shine onto its perch, I had it timed just right; by my next circuit around the paths, my model had vanished, seeking a cooler and moister place to snooze.

If it helps, it was just slightly larger than a Japanese beetle, the smallest frog I’ve ever spotted in (more or less) adult stage. And I have frames of plenty of other subjects too, which may be featured in later posts, but I figured this little fella needed its own. And of course, feel free to tell me what species this is.