I’m back, he says with hesitation

Okay, after a frustrating few hours, I think functionality has returned to the blog. The DNS switch was instant and painless, the mail server a bit confusing (a host that imparted conflicting info,) but the blog was a royal pain in the ass. Near as I can tell, one of my installed plugins, which worked fine on my old host, had radical disagreements with the new, and if you’ve had any experience with WordPress, you probably know that this can screw up damn near everything. It is most especially difficult to deal with when it prevents anything from displaying once you log in, a completely white screen, so you can’t even get to the menu to start shutting things off and seeing what works.

But enough about my greatly shortened life span. The main part of the site has been upgraded as least slightly almost all the way through, with new additions to most galleries, and most images resized (monitor resolutions have been going up,) and then a few new things here and there. For instance, I tacked on a new slideshow for recent images, photos that I liked but didn’t want to alter the galleries over, or make a new post. And if all you’ve ever shot has been digital, then you may want to check out this page.

So for anyone inconvenienced by the changeover, I apologize. I expected nothing less, even though I’d hoped for it, but I did remind myself why I never tried doing web work for a living. Then again, I might have been paid for all this time…