Mad, you say?

In honor of the day, I present to you an image from a few weeks ago, while I was trying to get decent photographs of a tiny thread-legged assassin bug, Stenolemus lanipes. I thought the pattern on the abdomen could be considered appropriate.

Though I admit, now that The Girlfriend’s Younger Sprog pointed out the ‘horns’ to me, which I’d missed at first, I now can’t help seeing this as proof that Don Martin exists. If you don’t get that reference, I can only conclude that you were denied a proper, enriched education.

Yes, I have better images of the bug. Gimme a break – it was 8mm long overall (which means what you see here is 4mm) and had this thing against holding still. Hell, most people would have ignored it as a bit of fluff or lint. I even collected a few other insects to try and tempt it into eating in front of the camera, but no dice. Or even mince.

Anyway, if that isn’t good enough for your Halloween, below is a more distinctive one, courtesy of the camera flash.

Sleep well.

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