Jerry Coyne at Why Evolution Is True is fond of posting readers’ photos with some animal camouflaged within and challenging everyone to “spot the [blank].” I never submitted these photos to him, but as a lead-in to further images of the species, I’m going to host my own challenge, with the keyword being “frog” (as if the title of the post left you hanging.) The first isn’t too difficult, but if you find yourself needing help, you can click on the image to open a larger version in another tab.

title says it all
There is a little bit of curious trivia concerning both of the photos in this post, but it’ll wait until I provide the follow-up, where I will also reveal the targets.

But if you felt that the first one was too easy, this next one should wipe that smug grin from your face, using higher contrast and a much more complex scene to sadistic advantage.

title says it all
So have at it, and I will be back in a bit with the reveal.

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