Monday color 35

hairy-stem spiderwort Tradescantia hirsuticaulisTake a look at this one for a few moments before moving on, and see what impression you get from it before I provide my own.

This week’s color shot seems to be faintly “wrong” to me – it just doesn’t feel framed right. While the blossom is in an acceptable location while facing into the light, and the background leaf uses the corner well, it just feels like the flower is facing the wrong way. I tend to think this should have been wider, so there was more room to the left where the flower is facing, and it doesn’t seem turned away from the center of the image. It’s subtle, but there’s this hint of rejection, almost of wanting to be somewhere else. Maybe it’s just me.

I tried flipping the image horizontally so it faced the other way, but had the same impression – it should be facing left the way it is, but to the right of center.

This is, naturally, a hairy-stem spiderwort (Tradescantia hirsuticaulis,) but you already knew that.

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