January’s abstract

ice patterns on freezing pond
If you’re seeing this, it means I’ve failed.

I am committed to continuing the month-end abstract images that I kinda sorta started doing last year, but I really haven’t shot much this month. I did not neglect the winter storm that hit the east coast of the US, but also didn’t shoot a lot of it either, and while I am scheduled to go out on a session with a student today – obviously I am writing this before it occurs – if you see these words it means I didn’t get any abstract images that I liked better than this one.

At this latitude, the storm was in the form of sleet that later froze together into pack ice, but the nearby pond came close to freezing over – what you’re seeing here are the edge effects, waterlogged sleet at the top and spontaneous ice crystals making geometric patterns further down, with a hint of the pond bottom showing through to prevent the image from being monochromatic. You might think this is a tight closeup and those crystal patterns are small, but you’d be mistaken – this frame probably spans about a half-meter. It’s too bad I didn’t get it reflecting some cool sunrise colors…

By the way, this also marks my 1,000th post since I started the blog – not a great accomplishment compared to some people, but still worth noting. Right?