Tagged again

Last year at about this time, I featured the curious tags that not only appeared just once in the history of the blog (which is not significant,) but raised questions when seen alone – even by me, and I wrote them. Tags are normally intended to help search engines find content, and should indicate relevance… only I like to use them as additional commentary too, like snide little footnotes. So once again, we take a look at some of the weirder tags and what they lead to, which is all the warning you’re getting. For no good reason, they’re in chronological order, so you can see for yourself how much I’ve grown as a blogger.

Red Ant Slurpee – A lot of people are searching on this term, I’m sure.

Science saved my soul – Not mine actually, though it sounds like it could be, but the title of an excellent video that bears highlighting again.

shagged out after a long squawk – A Python reference for a video they would undoubtedly approve of, also featuring Stephen Fry, one of two such posts.

corn starch is made of souls! – I should have titled the post that just to make it clickbait, though it’s really about some photographic effect trivia.

Just don’t say “cunt” – We’re a weird species.

Je peux avoir Royale? – It says something when I have to run my own tags through a translator (again,) and if you manage to successfully interpret this one, more power to you – it’s a little obscure.

pictures of an octopusses butt – Not gonna say anything. Okay, that’s not true, because you really need to see that video. Again.

just let your Soul Glow – Shame I misspelled it…

swag – Not a word I use a lot, and needs to be recognized in the context of the post (which is mean, I know, and the title you see when you hover over that link is no help at all. Just click – you know you have to.)

Oh Zuulie, you nut – Technically that’s two tags, because tags cannot have a comma within – when I do this I have to ensure that the alphabetical display of tags won’t corrupt the phrase I’m trying for. Blogging is a phenomenal effort that few appreciate.

expecting the unexpected – Also, “‘rabbit hootch’ oh my god this is too much.” Because.

why does this card have a jackhammer and a bearded rose? – Okay, it’s little more than a link to an outside source. Sue me.

who put the bomp – Random, but cute.

call me Mr Balance – Kinda the opposite of above.

Whaaashitjesusfuckdonttouchit – Also, “probably ate her husband too.”

it’s Ponda Baba in case you were wondering – I don’t like to leave my readers hanging. Plus I have to link to this again.

some damn flamboyant monks – Also, “elephant levitator” and “Queen of All Poisons.” Tag gold.

Big McLargeHuge – You can’t dislike such a name. Even if you have your own personal favorite.

when *I* do it it’s mystical – Closely followed by “when *you* do it it’s stupid.” Yes, it’s snark, but sometimes that’s the best way to get a point across.

You will see below that I have repeated all of the tags, which will make next year’s efforts much easier because now I won’t keep checking the same tags, all of these now appearing twice. Plus some additional commentary if you can dig through. Meanwhile, I have already used a tag this year which will appear next January. Probably.