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unidentified crab alongside foot on Driftwood Beach Jekyll Island
I have been hoping to get some time to start posting again, especially after this trip, but it has been eluding me – when I actually have a few minutes set aside, there have either been too many people around (impossible to try and write anything,) or I’ve been ill. Posts are coming, within the next few days is my plan, but in the meantime, another beachy shot. I haven’t tried finding out what species of crab this is – it looks a lot like the marsh crabs I used to see in Florida – but I suspect the photo is evidence enough that I had initially mistaken it for an insect. I mean, it is an arthropod, but like most people, I treat crustaceans as something else entirely, and not the cousins of the various insects we see every day.

Even as simple as this image is, you can tell it’s a sunrise shot – those little clues are absorbed subconsciously.

More later on…

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