Daily Jim pic 5

Cloud formation within Grand Tetons National Park, with lake and sunflowers
Knowing that Jim went through Yellowstone, it’s easy to imagine this is the after-effect of a geyser – but if the notes are correct, this isn’t from Yellowstone and, given the apparent distance, it would had to have been one hell of a geyser. Instead, I suspect he just captured a curious cloud formation while at the edge of a lake in Grand Teton National Park.

Or it could be smoke signals of injuns on the warpath. Always good to keep an open mind, as I am frequently told (by people whose idea of an open mind is uncritically accepting what they want me to accept, generally.)

As crass as it is to point this out to anyone who might not have noticed it, it’s good to see that I’m not the only one who occasionally shoots without the camera being perfectly level. I honestly think it’s how Canon cameras sit in your hands…

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    1. My apologies. Must be one of them gravity anomalies. Or you caught some damn high winds on the lake…

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