Daily Jim pic 37

pronghorn Antilocapra americana profile by James L. Kramer
I don’t care how the stupid song goes, this is not an antelope – there are no antelopes in North America. This is a pronghorn (Antilocapra americana,) more closely related to giraffes than antelopes. I expect you never to make that mistake again (or suffer the wrath of a nature photographer – you know how we get.)

Meanwhile, Jim’s got this thing about his subjects facing right. It probably says something deep-seated and psychological about him. Walk around to the other side, Jim! It looks like the light was better there anyway…

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One thought on “Daily Jim pic 37”

  1. You’re right; I should have gotten out of the car and walked around the pronghorn, that had just walked up from the water hole against the fence. As you have mentioned before it’s what you leave out of the image that is more telling…

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