Daily Jim pic 36

wild white donkey, mule or burro and foal by James L. Kramer
This, and the last few days worth of Jim pics, were all from Custer State Park, where apparently there are a lot of wild donkeys or burros. Something vaguely horselike, anyway. I’m guessing there’s not a lot of white ones, which makes this pair notable at least, but seriously, most of my attempts at elaborating on these images are going to be wrong to some degree, so we’ll just hope that Jim happens along with more accurate details. Or a more interesting fabrication. Whatever works.

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One thought on “Daily Jim pic 36”

  1. The jennny and foal were literally lined up along a parking pull off. There were at least 15 other people photographing these burros. You don’t mess with any mama. You don’t mess with a foal that may only weigh 150-200 lbs, but kicks at groin level. And you really wonder how stupid people can be; I saw, but did not photograph, a bear in Yellowstone, there were 15 cars pulled off to the side and a bunch of people running towards the bear on the other side of the brook. Laura asked if I wanted to stop and I said no, as I didn’t want to photograph the inevitable outcome…

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