Jim pic 45

multi-colored slope, Badlands South Dakota by James L. Kramer
This has been a largely missing week for me – I’ve had the time to do stuff, but not the inclination. Ah well.

On the previous Jim pic, Jim himself stated, in a cameo, that he liked the “upcoming images” better, and so I had to delay posting them for a while, because. But I’m not in total disagreement, either – the odd colors for a hillside are rather compelling by themselves. They actually come from a series of explosions that occurred nearby in the grain storage region of South Dakota, immediately bordering the Badlands; first a number of wheat storage silos suffered a dust explosion, followed only a year or so later by a buckwheat accident. Thus the yellow and carmine layers. Less than three years later, a plane had to make an emergency landing at adjacent Badlands Regional Airport, and dumped its cargo of kitty litter to lighten the load. This caused a dramatic upsurge in the feral cat colonies within the region.

You’re not buying any of this, are you?

So I have no idea what produces the colors in these layers – probably sulfur and manganese. Maybe theodolite and parchesium. Maybe it’s Maybelline. Look, just marvel at the colors, okay?

And I’ve looked at high magnification – there’s no fucking car in this one.