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Collings Foundation B24J Liberator flying overhead
So the content has been pretty damn thin here lately, and this post isn’t going to alter that a whole lot. This week in particular, it seems, just kinda went by without anything happening, which wasn’t exactly true, but just the way it felt. Partially, this was because I have been fighting off something, some virus or bug or microorganism or brain tumor or demonic possession, that mostly sapped my energy and motivation, while I also suspect my winter doldrums have started earlier this year. I won’t say that I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder – I have no professional diagnosis and anyway I don’t think it’s that serious or prominent – but I can say that I’m definitely less chipper through the colder months. Since most people are, that’s hardly a case of Special Me or any of that shit…

But anyway, here’s something to put a space between the Sunday Slides, which themselves were partially to produce routine content while simultaneously motivating me not to have consecutive ones back-to-back, so we’re seeing how well that idea worked. The photo here is evidence that I did get out and do a little shooting, and might even add to it tomorrow. Some years ago I mentioned my interest in aviation and especially warbirds, and featured a video of the B-24J Liberator bomber owned and operated by the Collings Foundation. That very same B-24, as well as a B-25 Mitchell, a B-17 Flying Fortress, and a TF-51D Mustang, are all presently visiting Raleigh-Durham International Airport nearby, and for a mere $15 anyone can check them out up close and even tour through the interiors – that’s an unbeatable price, really. For $400-450, you can take a half-hour ride in one of the bombers, and for $2000-2200, you can do a bit of piloting of the Mustang. Unfortunately, the vast wealth that accumulates from nature photography is tied up in offshore accounts, so I wasn’t doing a flight this time around, but I’ll likely be back tomorrow for another visit, and even if I don’t, I’ll post eventually on the experience from Thursday at least.

I’ve been waiting for the Immoderate Mr Bugg to post his own take, since he accompanied me on the trip Thursday and shot, oh, I suspect about 4,000 images, though 75% of those were of commercial planes since that’s more his bag, the weirdo. But since he’s gonna drag his heels over this one, I guess I’ll pick up the slack shortly. The image above was taken as the Liberator headed out on one of the air tours, passing directly overhead while we waited at almost the exact same spot that we shot the night trails pics. I had hoped to get some better shots when they landed again, when they would pass much closer overhead on the opposite end of the runway, but rush hour traffic and their diversion to the other runway prevented this from occurring.

I have a couple of other topics waiting on the block for a time when I feel I can do them justice, so I haven’t abandoned the blog – just trying to maintain a certain standard in content, that’s all. What exactly that standard might be is left to your own judgment, and I’m quite sure I wouldn’t want to hear the feedback anyway. Suffice to say, more will be coming soon.

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