Podcast: Motivation

It’s been a while since the last podcast, and in fact, this year has been notably thin on that front, this only being the fifth for the year – just haven’t had either the subjects or the time. So perhaps today’s topic is a little ironic, even if it’s timely with the season slowing down, because we’re going to talk about motivation.

Walkabout podcast – Motivation

There isn’t a lot of supplementary information that I can provide here – there are plenty of resources to be found with a simple websearch, and most of it would have to be tailored to your own personal needs. Yet as I said in the ‘cast, it was a rainy and yucky day, and I still did a couple of images in those conditions just to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak; not award-winners (duh!) but making the effort.

rain-soaked wind mobil
rain on unidentified tree berriesMeanwhile, I’ll let you in on another method of motivation, which is to publicly proclaim what you’re up to so you’re obligated to follow through by your demanding audience. So, one of my projects, not exactly related to photography but still relevant to my pursuits here, is to compose my own music for the podcasts and videos – soon. Since as yet I don’t play any instruments, I wouldn’t expect to see something, like, next week, but I’m motivated to have my own work here and not use someone else’s. Feel free to pester me if you haven’t seen any progress (oh, yeah, I neglected to mention the value of a ‘nag,’ someone who knows your goals and is willing to remind you of them as needed.)