Just because, part 25: the lead in

backlit water lily with reflection
The two images here both (perhaps obviously) came from the same outing, a student session, but are the inspiration for a composition post soon to appear. Sometimes it takes a little effort to separate ourselves from the concepts we hold of our surroundings to see what’s actually right in front of us. The image above is more subtle than the one below, but both made use of the flower’s own reflection as an element in the frame; below, it is probably even more distinct than the flower itself, despite the brightness of the colors. Both were casual shots, but if I really wanted to do high art, at least I should have picked those distracting bits out of the water and done some slight tweaks in positioning. Of course, if I was really into art, I wouldn’t tell you how the images could be better…

pond lily on long stalk with curved reflection

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