Just because, part 46

unidentified water plants against reflected sun
An outing to Jordan Lake yesterday was remarkably unproductive, but I managed a few frames of minor merit, and we have one here (demonstrating that my definition of “merit” isn’t influenced by Merriam, Wagnalls, Webster, or Funk – and no, that’s not where “funky” comes from, and you probably don’t want to know the actual etymology of that.) These might be some variety of lily pads, or they might not, but I’m not looking them up – the purpose hereof is just the aesthetics (again, mine.) The initial light angle made their shapes stand out, but shifting around a bit to put the sun’s reflection in the immediate surroundings made them more surreal. Should I have left the stem at the top out? Should I have waited to see if they would flower? Should I have stayed home and cleaned the office? These questions shall remain completely disregarded.

This image is a little too similar to what will (likely, unless I get better in the interim) become the end-of-the-month abstract – another image that I shot yesterday – but that’s two weeks away and you’ll forget about this one by then. In fact, you probably already have. If you exist outside of my fevered imagination at all.