End of Sunday slide month… something

empty windows paired up in abandoned building
And so we come to Sunday slide 53, which we could only accomplish because Sunday was the first day of the year and, accordingly, the last too. But that meant we’d also have to do an end-of-the-month abstract, and I thought about this as I scanned this slide a few months back. Was there a Sunday that also fell on the last day of the month, to use this abstract? Yes, there was just one opportunity remaining. And here we are.

The photo came from a spot near the Haw River, where a channel had been diverted to feed a mill, now long abandoned because, hell, who needs easy natural power when you can use petroleum products!? But I suppose the reduced demand for ground wheat and flour and such played a part, what with all the vegan granola fruitdaddy people eating their grains straight off the stalk in the fields anymore. Regardless, the two windows lining up attracted my attention, with a subtle nod to the curious juxtaposition of weathered bricks and the smooth facade way in the back there. It’s not my normal subject matter, but I’ll grab shots like this when they strike me.

But wait! Today, believe it or not, is Kill Three Birds With One Stone Day. So of course I’ve got my last Sunday Slide in, and the end-of-month abstract, but what else should I do with this post? The answer should be obvious, naturally: we’ll also observe Kill Three Birds With One Stone Day. I love it when it all comes together like this, not contrived or anything.