Preparing for the feast

first blossom on almond tree Prunus amygdalus
Do you know what this is? Seriously, do you? Yes, yes, it’s a flower, very good Quickdraw, but what kind of flower?

All right, never mind, stop guessing wildly, you’re embarrassing us both. This… is the very first blossom on my almond tree! Six years ago I found a little sapling emerging from our mulch pile, and as I uprooted it I realized it was growing from what looked like an almond. A little research into the shapes of their leaves confirmed it, and I transplanted it into the yard, where it took hold and started growing. That was at the old place, and it got transplanted again to come with us to the new house, and uprooted again, but only briefly, when some tree work was being done in the yard and we didn’t want it damaged. It now stands just under a meter tall, and is sporting two blossoms and a bud of another. That means we’ve got, potentially, three almonds to look forward to in the harvest season!

Can you imagine that? Almonds, fresh from the tree! Okay, not really; raw almonds aren’t a wise thing to eat – they should be roasted first. But our own almonds! The anticipation is killing me. And the number is perfect too, since there’s three of us.

All foolishness aside, I am pleased to see it actually flowering – we’ve had so much difficulty with the soil here and getting things to thrive that it’s nice to see this little accident still plugging away. Moreover, this image is a bit of proof that another project of mine is working pretty well, but that’ll be a later post, because there are some illustrating photos that I still need to obtain. Bear with me.