Straightening up

Just a handful of photos, some a few weeks old (from before the eclipse, even,) right on up to today, because I felt the need to update some.

We’ll start with another semi-abstract, taken on the day of the previous month-end abstract (though that post had already gone up.)

This is the favorite Japanese maple, a small one that’s remained potted but has the thickest canopy read more

Trekking through the deep wilds

Well, okay, that might be giving a slightly overblown idea of the efforts, since all but one of these images were taken within seven meters of the front door here at Walkabout Estates. The one exception? Within seven meters of the back door. But I have a few spring photos handy and I’m gonna use them (in between more raptor images, so there’s a dual purpose.)

We’ll start with one read more

More Darwin (less cowbell)

Nice day out there, so it’s time to go see if there’s anything to be captured in mid-February, with the added incentive that it’s Charles Darwin’s birthday and I should illustrate natural selection. Hmmmm.

Okay, let’s start with the tiny winter flowers that can be found here in North Carolina, in corners and areas that see little traffic. With some poking around, I managed read more