Not a reflection

green iguana Iguana iguana plotting something dastardlyThe blog posts have been slower than intended for the past few days, but this is not a reflection of reality – you know, meatspace – because that’s been far busier than I would have liked. You certainly recall when I mentioned my chagrin with working on computers a few weeks back, and that has continued, since I have three harddrives on my workhorse computer and I have now gotten to the third, which in Windows terms would actually be the first, or the boot drive. Linux doesn’t assign any order to drives, but this does mean that manually identifying them is almost necessary, especially when multiple drives are the same size.

I’ll spare you the history, which spans several days, and simply say that using an older motherboard put up a lot more problems than I anticipated, since it required a different format for the drive partitions and that single stumbling block took a hell of a long time to detect – not to mention that I then had to split the boot drive because of it (which means make the computer think that one harddrive was actually multiple drives.) At present, I have installed an updated version of Linux on the new boot drive, which is indeed working and booting as intended, but now am in the process of ensuring I have all of the software and accoutrements necessary. This takes time, because the old drive is/was also a boot drive, so they both can’t be connected at the same time.

To that end, I’ve been avoiding any tasks that would require copying information over between the old and new boot drive, photo work and blog posts among them. I have some more post ideas in the queue, but they’re shelved until the system is working more-or-less properly – so we have this ancient photo from the depths of time that’s been sitting in the blog folder waiting for the right moment to utilize that expression. This isn’t that time, but you’re reading an, “I’m still here,” throwaway post so it got elected. Without dispute, even. It was one of several iguanas that lived in my office (mostly at different times) back when I worked at an animal shelter, so 2005-ish? Whatever. She’s actually propped on a branch to be closer to the heating lamp, but the toes (and of course the reptilian expression) spelled out something else to me, which is why the image is named, “Exxxcellent.” Don’t make me explain that reference. Putting in the HTML image description also allowed me to use the word, “dastardly,” and that makes me a little happier this morning.

Regardless of my peculiar pleasures, more is on the way. Patience.