Podcast: But no Annette Funicello

a pair of gulls against sunrise sky at North Topsail Beach
It’s funny; while I was in the final stages of putting this all together, I allowed myself to be sidetracked with more subjects for future posts, and just had a rather interesting evening. But I’m getting ahead of how behind I am. So for now, we have a podcast of the most recent trip, where we (meaning the family here and friends from out there, but not, you know, you and I, I’m sorry to say, unless of course it was) go back to the beach.

Walkabout podcast – Back to the beach

57 percent of the crew boogie boarding
The first post regarding last year’s trip to the same locale – there are three in total, so feel free to click through to the following posts as well. Or you can use this link for all of the posts so tagged (which will include this one, so don’t get stuck in an endless loop…)

Topsail Escape Room, because you should check it out when you’re out there. It’s likely that you can find something similar near where you live, too.

Just for the hell of it, the posts tagged with Savannah and Jekyll Island, because that’s where our friends are from and who we were hanging out with while there. They were always photographically productive trips and the posts reflect that at least.

More will be along as soon as possible – it took me long enough to get this one done. I’m presently waiting on some contributions from others to provide a more robust, nutritious post, properly following the content pyramid as it were. We’re getting there – stay tuned.

sanderling Calidris alba pacing among the surf bubbles