Ever see a guy say goodbye to a month before?

Let’s see, January 31st; there’s something I’m supposed to do today – now what was it? Extortion payment? No. Take my SATs? No. File an anonymous report about a former boss being a child molester? N–… well, yes, but that doesn’t have to be today. Damn, what was it?

Oh yeah, the end of the month abstract!

rough ice patterns on pond
Today’s photo was actually taken today, so kudos to me and all that. We’re not getting anywhere near the shitass weather that half of the country is getting and thus has taken over every last aspect of media available, so in a couple of ways I feel bad about this, but then again, there’s little else to photograph out there – the great blue heron that I was stalking didn’t let me get close enough for a decent shot, so this is what we have. And as skilled as I am, I haven’t mastered making dead grass look interesting.

The tree was actually an integral part of this image – and don’t disappoint me by saying, “What tree?” The reflections were there to add a little more to the photo, and provide some nice dark lines that enhance the textures of the ice by being reflected from the edges. Had there been some really smooth ice, I would have aimed to have more of the branches in there, a little window among the rough patches of ice, but nothing that I found was smooth enough. Without the trees, the pic would have been a lot more monochromatic, so it gains a little more character this way.

But don’t ask me how ice forms like this. I’m a photographer, not a… coldologist.