January’s a little ripe

That’s right, it’s the last day of January, and so we have our time-honored tradition here on Walkabout of seeing out the month with an abstract. What kind of abstract do you have for us, January?

contrasty balls of some sort
Well, we got… bubbles… or something. Water drops, maybe. A drastic overuse of some Photoshop filter. Contrast and circles, anyway. Can’t get a whole lot more abstract than this, really.

Moreover, this was shot within the past hour or so specifically because I had very little that even fit from the past month, and nothing at all that I liked, so I set out to make something. And for once, I got plenty of good candidates. Along with plenty of crap too, but you didn’t hear that from me and you won’t be seeing it. Unless you consider this crap, in which case I don’t care what you think.

Since today is also a holiday, I will return and give a bit more insight into this, but right now I’m less than half an hour from the typical abstract deadline, it already being the 31st, so I gotta finish this off. And don’t try looking at the tags or the image info because they won’t help at all. If you knew, it wouldn’t be abstract now, would it?