Broken record

jumping spider likely Platycryptus undatus with house fly prey
No, not a world record, or even a personal one – indeed, no kind of superlative at all; just about the opposite. I’m referring instead to something that will soon disappear from our vocabulary, the idea of a skipping vinyl LP playing the same damn bit over and over. Because the posts are yet/still thinner than I’d like, and than I intend, but I haven’t been able to do anything about it recently, even though I have a handful of images to put up, and topics to talk about. I’ve just had too much of my time taken up with other things.

Partially, this is good, because I’m/we’re getting things done around the house (including evicting some grey squirrels from an attempted nest in the eaves of the house.) And then some of it is stuff that I’d really rather not have to do, but such is life, right? And I’m whining again.

So for now, a jumping spider, probably the common-as-muck Platycryptus undatus, with its capture on the screen yesterday. Curiously, it remained in the general vicinity of the middle of the screen for quite a while, but on looking out there today I found the dead fly abandoned on the sill right underneath where they’d been. I have no good explanation for this, but I’ll make up something cool-sounding if you like.

I have a few more recent photos to post – this one was unrelated to the others plus I don’t want you thinking I’d moved away from creepy things – which will come at another time. Not to mention a couple of photographic projects that, if successful, should be fodder for some really slick posts. So, “soon.”

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