Off to a slow start

Considering that I set a personal record (which is one of the most meaningless accolades imaginable) for posts last year (216,) this year is off to a slow start – this is partially due to being busy with many other things, but also due to my workhorse computer still being dead. It now appears that it was only the motherboard, and so the harddrives with all of my stuff on them are intact, but it will still be another week, at least, before the new system is up and running. As such, I am not shooting anything because I cannot unload the camera memory, and the weather has been very supportive of this resolve (the best descriptive word is, “yuck.”)

I still have a couple of longish, philosophical posts in draft form, and am beginning a new composition post as soon as I finish this, so something may appear before too long – just don’t ask what kind of time frame “too long” represents. There will even be another tag post like last year, so you have that to look forward to. Or dread. Or ignore.

Regardless, I will be back up to speed in a little bit; I haven’t forgotten you. How could I, after that bizarre night in Chilliwack?