Tripod holes 45

N 28°39’27.03″ W 80°45’16.04″ Google Earth location

This particular one was easy to pin down, since it was taken right at the entrance to Black Point Wildlife Drive within Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge in (ready for this astounding coincidence?) Merritt Island, Florida. This read more

Three of three

Getting back now to posting about the second trip down to Jordan Lake and the, what, twelve pics that will accompany it? And it was a slow day, but I’m also cheating a little.

Right as I was bundled up to leave, through the back window I heard a red-shouldered hawk (Buteo lineatus) calling, obviously quite close. Since I had the camera more-or-less in hand, I tried slipping quietly read more

Tripod holes 37

N 41°28’33.98″ W 83°17’53.35″ Google Earth Location

We needed an Ohio one in here, and I liked this grab shot from 2014. The Manatee and I were returning from a game creators convention (he is, I’m not) and checking out some of the bike trails that he intended to be using read more

Tripod holes 15

N 31° 1’12.86″ W 81°26’4.40″ Google Earth Location

It’s a little disturbing to discover that this was taken four-and-a-half years ago, since I wouldn’t have said that much time had passed, but here we are. This came from a inadvertently brief trip to Jekyll Island, Georgia we’d planned to be down there for a week, hopefully catch a sea read more

Tripod holes, part 4

N 27.046105° W 82.400731° Google Earth Placemark

I’m still not sure if the Google Earth Placemark links are actually working – they’re not for me – but if they are for you, this one will be slightly different than the latitude/longtitude coordinates listed, and neither of those actually shows where I was standing, but the coordinates show where these birds were at least. read more

Strays. Little orphans

Just a trio of images from recent days that didn’t fit into other posts – little to say about them.

This green treefrog (Dryophytes cinereus) has been living on the same trumpet flower (Brugmansia) for weeks now, which is rare, but I caught it as it was spying on me. Or counter-spying on me. Hey, this is my job hobby vocation calling pointless obsession!

While my brother read more

Sorting finds n+3

Once again, after a long session of sorting photos from the past few weeks, I have a collection of images not previously featured, all trivial (because I feature the good ones back when I unload them.) Well, except for this one:

I’m not sure how I missed this one when I did the initial fall colors post, but here it is now. This is a tighter crop than the original, and not too read more

Just because, part 50

I was over at the neighborhood pond today doing a few tests, and had a great egret (Ardea alba) spooked by one of the ubiquitous dog-walkers fly over close to my position, then continually stalk closer. I would credit this to my amazing abilities to remain unseen, had I not been far from motionless in plain sight and talking to The Girlfriend on the phone during the egret’s read more

Enough without

A week ago the Incorrigible Mr Bugg and I did an outing to Jordan Lake, with the consideration that it would be a sunset shoot if the rain held off. Despite some issues which greatly reduced the number of useful images (which I’ll get into shortly,) there were enough for more than one post and I had to decide how to break them up. I ended up separating out all of the raptor images, so they’ll read more

A little bit here

I have a handful of images from a recent outing – well, four days ago – to feature here, but other things have been taking priority and I’ve been finding myself overextended, which I am now correcting. This does mean trashing some major plans for the time being, though it’s probably for the best. Which doesn’t mean I’m happy about it.

But to make up a little bit read more

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