I was alerted to a video clip this morning by The Girlfriend, who got it from a Faceblerk post by a mutual friend. I am linking to it here with great reluctance, because the origin is Faux News, and my atheistic and immoral conscience still doesn’t like to send anyone to their site. If you ever wanted proof that god doesn’t exist, or at the very least doesn’t give a fuck about dishonesty and utter bullshit, it’s that the network still hasn’t been eradicated in a plague of leeches. Regardless, while they provided an embed script, it failed to work, quite possibly because it appears on the same page as the words, “Faux News,” so I have to link it. I still provided the embed code below it in case it’s just simply my own (intelligent) browser that’s the problem.

The video link.

The news item itself, not to be dismissive or anything, is not the thing that I’m drawing attention to, but rather someone visible within, who you should certainly recognize. Did you miss him? Here’s a still image (slightly corrected for a videographer who did not know how to use the iris control of their camera):

Now you recognize him, right? Of course you do, given that he’s appeared on this very blog before. It’s none other that damselfly boy (not damsel flyboy, even though he’s in the US Air Force,) the guy demonstrating his insect-wrangling abilities from this post. It’s also the black ops guy mentioned in this podcast, and appearing again therein (well, the post, not the audio podcast that no one can appear within.)

Being serious for just a few seconds to fulfill my annual obligation, I am admittedly not very supportive of our military, which hasn’t been involved in defending our country for decades, and I don’t think that enlisting is a path towards a future of any kind. Nonetheless, Black Ops here opted to pursue the medical fields when he joined up, which not only gives him an unarguably beneficial role while in the military, it provides him with viable career choices if and when he decides to leave. So yeah, he’s doing more than okay, even if he still pronounces my name with a wicked accent…