Intermission, part 2

I’m in the middle of a long post right now, worrying about it too much given the number of visitors to this site, but that’s my own neurosis. Meanwhile, I followed a link to a video clip that was quite amusing, but it was hosted on [urgk] Twitter; I attempted to embed it here (with full attributes and links, mind,) but all that occurred was a direct Twitter link anyway, and no, that’s not happening. If you’re interested, follow the link way down at the bottom of this post over at Why Evolution Is True, the one with “Please title this short film:” appended.

So, without a video clip to embed, I present a memelike thing of my own creation, just because it’s been sitting in the blog folder for a few weeks now and I have little new to post right this moment. Both photos were taken on the same night in August right here in the yard, and suggested the relation almost immediately upon viewing the images; I’m hoping it’s recognizable.

Chinese mantis Tenodera sinensis and green treefrog Hyla cinerea re-enacting their favorite meme
I know, I’m not acting my age, or at least what people imagine it’s supposed to be, anyway, though that’s the story of my life; how I found a girlfriend, I’ll never know, but I ain’t knockin’ it. Wait – that didn’t come out right at all