Any given definition of “stranger”

The International Holiday Approval Union, finding that nothing whatsoever notable happened on this day – no prominent or noteworthy events, no worthwhile person born or died – has thus chosen this date to represent Beware of Strangers Baring Gifs Day, because something had to be jammed into this barren spot in the month. As far as I’m concerned, we should completely ignore such blatant machinations, but I’m under pressure to find some other holiday to celebrate this month and coming up blank, so…

Anyway, I present a small collection of the best gifs (pronounced, “dawayitspeld,”) ever created, as a reluctant nod to this manufactured and insipid celebration. I’d love to give credit for these, if I had the faintest idea where they came from but, you know, interwebs. Page loading times are going to go to hell I’m sure, and if you’re dumb enough to be on a phone with a data plan or something, better leave now.

I really am going to get one of these shirts:

No comment needed:

Note the roof and the lights:

The acting in this is superb:

This, however, is probably not acting:

Took me a few passes to figure out what I was seeing:

Uttering fowl slurs in the wrong part of town:

I believe when I came across this, it was captioned, “First sip of Coke,” or something like that:

And finally, the best gif ever made, period:

Okay, I’ve done my part. Let’s move on.