Yet you control it!

I admit it: I not only had a lava lamp, relatively recently, I plan on getting another pretty soon. I’m not at all into recreational substances or even strong painkillers, but I happen to like watching the fluid flow defined by bright glowing colors, and it’s a nice way to relax. I stumbled across another by accident, many years back when on a whim I outlined my office ceiling with a multicolored christmas light string; leaning back in the office with just those illuminating the room, I’d become mellow surprisingly fast. This later carried over to the house here when we did the same for the screened porch, and The Girlfriend agrees – it’s a soothing atmosphere, for whatever reason.

Anyway, if you’re the same way, or even want to find out if you are, then go to this WebGL Fluid Simulation and drag your mouse pointer around. It’s even better than lava lamps, because it doesn’t heat up the room and you don’t have to wait and see what random thermodynamics produces. You can also open the controls at top right and mess with the parameters to your liking.

WebGL Fluid Simulation screen capture
I suppose it’s possible that the site, I dunno, psychoanalyzes you based on your subconscious mouse movements and sells this information to the Republicans, but that’s okay, because they wouldn’t know what to do with real information anyway. Have at it.

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