Just because, part 33

yoshino cherry blossoms in spring against blue sky
The weather across much of the continent has turned cold and ugly, and I think we need a reminder of the spring that will come, so here are some cherry blossoms on the ornamental tree in the front yard.

But to be honest, these are not from the spring to come, but this past spring, because I’ve never dumped the money on a camera that advanced. There’s no way to prove that we will even get a spring in a few months – maybe we’ve had the last that we’ll ever see. We might have used them all up, or perhaps the planet will be destroyed by a rogue asteroid (you know, one of the rebellious and disobedient ones) before that occurs. Maybe “spring” is just the aliens dumping a dopamine rush into the simulation we reside within every time we get to close to realizing what reality even is.

Anyway, cheer up!

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