Even more rampant

It is very early christmas morning as I type this. All the presents are wrapped, the cheesecake is cooling on the stove top, and the kitchen is clean with the dishwasher going. And I have left a couple of gifts for The Girlfriend to discover when she gets up, one of which I’m going to show here because I’m almost positive she’s going to hit the kitchen before she checks my blog for updates. As strange as that may sound.

soap dispenser with hand-painted sea turtleAnd I admit, this is strictly my ego talking – I mean, even more than usual – but I’m pleased with this one. As long as you don’t look too closely.

Here’s the story (before Friday, even): several years back I painted a sea turtle onto a soap dispenser for the kitchen, which she was pleased with. Me, less so; I felt I could have done it better, but as long as she was happy, I could deal. At the time, however, the only clear dispenser that I could find was acrylic, with a plastic pump, not really what I was after (you know, when you make something personalized and much less disposable than normal, you want a little longevity from it.) Over time the pump got worn, and eventually the acrylic body cracked. I had more time this time, and looked around to find a glass dispenser in pale blue; you know, more-or-less water colored. The pump was unfortunately still plastic – I’m liable to have to look hard to overcome that, but for now, here we are. This was long enough ago that I’m almost certain that she’s forgotten about it.

This time, I’m more pleased with the painting, which measures all of 48mm in width, and because of that size, it looks a bit rough when I apply the serious macro techniques on it and I’m not showing you those pics. I’m consoling myself with the assurance that most paintings from, you know, qualified (meaning paid) artists would look rough at that magnification – some even without it. You’re seeing it here at roughly ‘typical’ distance and perspective, so you can judge for yourself if it works or not. Doesn’t matter, really; as long as she likes it, you guys can go squat.

It’s sitting in position now behind the sink, and I’m liable to not even be present when she discovers it, but that’s part of the fun. Plus it was one less gift that had to be wrapped ;-)

Happy holidays, everyone!