Well, it took a while…

… but not because it took this long. What I mean is, I kept setting it aside for a ‘good time to do it’ and finally got around to it the other evening, but when I did start it, it only took a little over an hour.

Am I talking about that online course in Communicating Effectively? How To Stop Procrastinating? Finding Compelling Winter Subjects? No, don’t be ridiculous – read more

Visibly different, part 53

I said this was coming, and had intended for it to be the last one of the year, but it ran longer than intended I wasn’t going to rush it, for reasons that will become obvious.

This began in early December when The Girlfriend was helping move her mother into a new home and brought back a box of family photos. Among them was an old 4×5 inch glass plate negative, broken sometime in the read more

Getting out of the projects

I’ve mentioned, ad nauseum, being involved in several projects, and most of those had a deadline of either christmas or The Girlfriend’s birthday, which means that most of them are done now, so I can devote a little more attention to other things. Among these have been installing three new sets of lights – actually four, but one was more for my use – and doing some read more

Even more rampant

It is very early christmas morning as I type this. All the presents are wrapped, the cheesecake is cooling on the stove top, and the kitchen is clean with the dishwasher going. And I have left a couple of gifts for The Girlfriend to discover when she gets up, one of which I’m going to show here because I’m almost positive she’s going to hit the kitchen before she checks read more