Podcast: Squeezing one out

Yes, it’s the last podcast of the year, which means it’s got to be extra-special, right? Yeah, um… don’t get your hopes up.

Walkabout podcast – The End of 2019

But changes are afoot, as Holmes says (I think,) so expect something different coming along soon. We’re not going to use ugly qualifying and judgmental words like “better” or “exciting” or anything like that here, forcing my content to try and meet some unrealistic expectations, but “different” is sufficient for now.

Meanwhile, I mentioned some seriously productive trips, photo-wise, and if you haven’t been following the blog regularly (and why not?!?!) or simply want some quick links to refer back to them, you can click here and then again here. Or if you like, you can check out (using that sidebar tool) the posts for May and October of this year, because both of those had a large number of photo uploads. There were also two posts on my Finger lakes trips, this one and that one.

And then I produced (and directed, and edited, and wrote, and starred in) two videos this year, nothing huge, but ambitious enough for someone who’s still getting used to the medium. So click here if you like airshows and here if you like treetops.

I’m betting you didn’t believe me about the Ford Falcon XB GT (or whatever I managed to call it as I drew a blank during recording,) so needs must I provide proof.

Die-cast Ford Falcon XB GT Last of the V8 Interceptors
Immortan Tea from Adagio TeasOn top of that, I even have some ‘Immortan’ tea from Adagio Teas, a sample that The Girlfriend’s Sprog got me for christmas (along with ‘Serenitea’ from, you know, Serenity and Firefly.) What? You have no idea what I mean when I refer to Mad Max? Seriously? You should be ashamed of yourself. How are you gonna be prepared for the apocalypse if you haven’t seen the best of the post-apocalyptic films?

So if you were bored, all that could keep you busy for a while. Meanwhile, have a happy new year, try not drinking at all, and enjoy yourselves!

All the best to you and yours!

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